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Touring II Goggle, Black Frame, Anti-fog Clear Lenses

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Test the limits while on the road with these durable and flexible goggles, which allow continuous clarity and comfort. Made of polymer elastomer material, the frame is shock-resistant, non-allergenic and lightweight. Airflow is regulated through vented slots on the frame front which prevent fogging. Open cell foam absorbs sweat and retains vision clarity by excluding dust and debris.

Attributes Touring II Goggle, Black Frame, Anti-fog Clear Lenses: Frame Color: Black
Frame Convertible: N/A
Frame Finish: Matte
Frame Foam Type: Open Cell
Frame Material: Thermoplastic
Frame Measurements: Width 125 mm, Height 57 mm
Frame RX Ready: Yes
Frame Temples: N/A
Lens Coatings: 100% UVA and UVB protection, Anti-Fog
Lens Color: Clear
Lens Material: Polycarbonate
Lens Upgrades: N/A
Lenses Interchangeable: No
Other included Accessories: Microfiber Pouch
Rx Limitation: +/-2 sph +/-1.50 cyl
Special Features: Lightweight, Non-allergentic & Shatter resistant lenses, anti-fog lenses
Standards Met: N/A
Storage: N/A
Warranty: Lifetime against Manufacturing Defects
Very good selling item, almost always in stock

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