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Hi, I'm writing my first post about setting up a new online store. I've spent weeks, months even, setting this up. Although this is my first venture into online retail, I've always had a dream of having a store. I had my first stall outside my house (about 8 years old) selling all sorts of things. I progressed much, much later to a store in a small market in East London. I'm a natural 'collector', as a child collecting shells, beads, stamps, flowers, animals (I had quite few pets, including a newt!). It's great to collect, then sell products!

I'm very excited to be researching the products out there to sell, or manufacture and sell.  We love to shop don't we?

I'm also a psychologist (organisational, and I run a private therapy practice as well). And I've got a few hobbies including collecting textiles - I was an avid dressmaker years ago, and still hanker for that. I do my textiles very well! I hate to get an item which happened recently, when I ordered some 'pure silk'. It was polyester!! I feel people don't really know how to identify quality fabrics.

I'm therefore very interested in providing excellent customer service. I buy quite a lot online also and I know how high my demands are - I just don't have the time to be messing with sites that don't work. It's sooooo frustrating!

I love designing systems, processes also. And I love making people happy.

Enjoy the site and let me know if you would like to see anything included! Expect a reward!

Okay, signing off now!


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